Artist’s Statement

I have been painting and drawing since my childhood and my art has always been the intersections of dreams and sweet memories and very often a metaphor of life and of my interiority.
In my acrylics the round lines echo the poetic part of my personality while the straight lines are sustained by the strength of my dreams. Colours have clear meanings too: green and blue are usually associated with hope and they are strongly connected to my childhood and the house on the seafront where I grew up. Red, yellow and silver are part of urban environment; gold and orange belong to the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, they are a dance of colours and joy. Gold and red are often part of southern landscapes, which are carved in my memories and in my dreams. Sometimes my paintings are associated to short poetry I write in Italian, my first language. The poems are often reproduced at the back of the painting.
I love printing too, using different techniques, and my prints are the realization of metaphors that shape our mind and our world. Metaphors take the form of natural elements and colours and their shades. Sometimes my prints are instead the metaphor of the sounds that accompanied part of my life.
My watercolours are full of joy and hope and they draw the lines of a magic world, the world of my childhood, a world of castles, flowers and cats.

The various images and patterns of my paintings and prints emerge from my night dreams, slowly taking shape as a description of my interior world. They are metaphors of my life and of the different layers of my soul.
I sign my paintings with the name “Lule” (flower) since the sound of this word brings back my childhood memories and it is the symbol of one of the most wonderful things of our life: life and colour.